The Autobiography of Michelle Maren

The Autobiography of Michelle Maren details the life of an African Italian-American woman who grew up as an illegitimate child -rejected by her father and abused by her mother. At seventeen, Michelle ran away to New York City in hopes of finding a career in music and theater. Instead, she wound up homeless, eventually finding work as a go-go dancer, sex surrogate, escort and porn star. In her long career of performance, she also sang and danced as an opening act for Tiny Tim, won the Miss Big Apple Pageant and worked as a magicians assistant. Today, Michelle is forty-nine years old and suffers from a number of phobias and mental disabilities, including borderline personality disorder and schizoaffective disorder. She has isolated herself in her apartment because "feelings" overwhelm her. Throughout her adult life she has sought her father's recognition, dreaming of a Hollywood-like reconciliation. Her spirituality sustains her and assuages her mental and physical ailments. She believes that God preordained the making of her film autobiography (in collaboration with Michel Negroponte) and that an honest and purposeful self-examination of her fractured past will help liberate her from her demons.